A crater created by demolition.
A crater created by demolition.

Survey and Ongoing Projects:

On the coastline, exposed to the elements, the semi-permanent concrete features of the Atlantic wall stand impressively as a living memorial to the events of 1944.


Once you are away from the landing beach areas and you are into the open country there is very little evidence of conflict. The world has moved on.  Activities such as agricultural and urban development have removed most traces of conflict. In contrast, in the forests of Normandy, the story is somewhat different.


The relatively lengthy periods between harvesting of trees have left many conflict landscapes visible due to the low intensive nature of forestry activity. Temporary features created in conflict remain, sinking slowly back into the landscape. This fragile environment has only a finite life, as when exploited many features disappear. For this reason our work currently focuses on these locations.


In the 2016 -17 season we will continue to pursue work in three Normandy related areas: the role of the American 9th Air Force in tactical bombing, German logistics and also a special focus on the Canadian advance on the Seine.



Here is the pilot study on the forest, click here to see